Inspiration for Into the Darkness


Annabelle developed an interest in the many facets of healing after a traumatic experience left her with the burden of the title "survivor".  To work her way through through numbness, depression, confusion and PTSD, she turned to dancing and writing and eventually started a blog called The Opened Book.  The interactions and conversations with the readers inspired her to write a short story. 

The driving force of the creation of this book is Annabelle's passion to help others who have been wounded with unseen scars. The goal of this book is help inspire and facilitate conversations that will encourage healing and journey through the healing process. 


It is pretty impossible to do anything completely alone, because of this we are forever in debt to the people who lended their hands and minds to not only bring this book into existance, but also make it the most helpful and healing product it can be. Here is the team:


Content Review:

Kylin Lee PhD

Licensed Psychologist

Practicum & Group Coordinator

Counseling and Health Center

Southwestern University


Bob Bednar PhD

American Studies

Associate Professor of Communication

Southwesern University


Banafsheh Madaninejad PhD

Visiting Assistant Professor of

Religion and Feminist Studies

Southwestern Univeristy


Carla Siegle PhD


Writer, Filmaker

Tall Tale Pictures


Kathy Soward PhD

Licensed Psychologist


Enrique Dura


Founder of Alla Arriba, Holistic Center



Megan McGrath


Cover Design and Logo:

Alexander Charles Drake


Book Trailer:

Tori McGraw - Director

Tiffany Casper - Actress

Kate Peterson, Vallery Rusu, Joseph Gicas - Crew


About the Author

Annabelle Dura was born in New York City in 1995 and is currently pursuing a Communications degree at Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX. 


“Into the Darkness” is Annabelle's first book and second publication since her short story "Burning" that was included in a 2012 issue of Down in the Dirt Magazine.


That year Annabelle also won 2 Gold Keys from Scholastic Art and Writing

Awards for her short story "The Kissing Flower" and for "Like Myself", a poem that she claims was never really finished.

Annabelle is a freelance writer for DreamLand NYC and is an energetic advocate for issues that impact women and girls. In 2014 she partnered with H.E.A.T. to create an anti-human-trafficking event called #SWERVE and was the youngest panelist to present at an intercollegiate conference on happiness held at Austin Community College. Currently Annabelle is planning to start a Survivors Support Group that will use “Into the Darkness” to facilitate conversation. 

Annabelle's love of writing is only second to her passion for Dance. She is in her third year teaching classes and competitive dance teams at Courage Cheer and Dance United in Liberty Hill, TX.  In 2014 she was invited to join Bluebird: Uncaged, an Atlanta-based dance collective devoted to bringing hope and dignity to youth through dance.  She traveled with them to Panama on an outreach adventure in 2015, bringing her love of dance and passion for God into the lives of many.